My personal biography

My personal biography

The desire to portray wonderful pictures, with mathemathical formulas, has always been a passion that I carried in my heart:
my name is Michele Summo, software developer for over 5 years, an Asperger guy who lives with his parents in Bari.

Since I was born, I have an obsession for these two subjects: Mathematics and Computer Science. This fixation is so strong that I attended the Computer Science course from "University of study of Bari" to challenge myself and share this passion with others.

I spent much time to create a synergy with these three subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science and Art; the end result of this union is Fractal Drawing. The latter is the depiction of artistic images computed with mathematical formulas.

I cultivate other interests such as videogames, comics, novels and animated series, without neglecting physical activity; I like running outdoors and working out in the gym.

I have great respect for nature; animals and plants are living beings whose it must never be abused, but to nurture and respect them every day.

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